New Features in the Tinder App

Tinder App

If you’re looking for a new way to meet new people, Tinder is an app that can help you find someone you’d like to chat with. It has a number of different features, including Lightning Bolt, which helps you ‘boost’ your profile with pictures, and the ‘Moments’ feature, which lets you share where you met, who you met, and when.

Like other profiles with a right swipe

If you are a fan of online dating, you might be interested in knowing that you can like other profiles on Tinder. You might even like some people who don’t like you! And while this is a good idea, you need to be a little discerning. There’s also the possibility of meeting up with bad actors who will be a pain in the arse when it comes to actually showing up. So what should you do?

First and foremost, you should get out there and start interacting with the community! Luckily, there are tons of people on Tinder who are looking for just the right type of person.

Lightning Bolt: Boost feature

Tinder has recently introduced a new feature, called Tinder Boost. It is designed to speed up matches on the dating app. After you activate Boost, your profile will be at the top of the stack for 30 minutes.

Using Boost can increase your chances of finding a match, but it won’t fix any red flags in your profile. It is important to be strategic with Boost. You want to find the best time to use it in your area.

Try different times to see when the most people are online on the dating app. In areas with a lot of activity, such as the suburbs, you might want to go at night. But in places like rural towns, you might want to try during the day.

Noonlight feature

Noonlight is a personal safety app that works with Tinder, and provides users with a safe way to communicate when they are having issues. It can help users feel secure on dates, and it can provide emergency services in case of an emergency.

Noonlight connects with Tinder users’ devices, and it tracks their locations in real time. Then, when an alarm is triggered, Noonlight sends the information to emergency services, such as police, so they can help in a timely manner.

The app allows users to schedule and cancel dates, set up alarms, and log their date details. Moreover, it allows them to contact friends or others in their phonebook when they are feeling unsafe.

‘Moments’ feature

If you’ve downloaded the Tinder app lately, you may have noticed a new feature called Moments. This feature, like Snapchat, allows you to share photos with your matches. It also lets you add text, filters, drawings, and other fun features to your photos.

The company has emphasized that this feature is designed to help you connect with your matches more meaningfully. You can start a conversation by posting a photo, and then see your matches’ reactions to it. However, the pictures you upload can only be viewed by your matches for 24 hours.

After that, the photos you uploaded will disappear. Fortunately, the app has a way of reactivating the photos that you deleted.

Find groups of people on Tinder

Tinder Social is a new feature in the app that matches groups of users. Tinder has been adding new features to make it more than just a dating app.

The feature works in the same way that the Tinder Meetup function does. You can create groups of friends and then chat with them within the app. Group chats are only live for a day. Once everyone in the group has left, the conversation is deleted. This is to keep the group fresh.

Tinder has been testing this feature in Australia and New Zealand. It will be rolled out globally eventually.

Users can create a group by selecting one to three friends. They can then choose an activity for the group. The app suggests activities that are likely to be of interest to other members.